Color Psychology and How it Relates to Business Signs

The use of color in marketing and sales is nothing new. Color is a crucial component for branding and marketing strategy. Color is a powerful visual tool; hence, it is a crucial factor you need to exploit when working with a sign company Perth currently has to offer. The primary reason behind this is explained in what experts refer to as “color psychology”. This explains how different colors stir different emotional reactions from people once they are stimulated by it.

If you are branding your business and want to motivate sales when working with sign company Perth for LED signs, you need to master this ‘color psychology’. To learn more about how color affects your approach to building signages with the help of a sign company Perth currently offers, you can read more guidelines below.


This color signifies power. But more importantly, it is such an eye-catching color that it draws people’s eyes into it. At the same time, it can retain that attention once it has been captured. If you use red as a color for your brand, you need to incorporate it when making copies with building sign writers in Perth. You need to be smart about your use of red as a color, though. Do not over-do it or it would create the opposite result.


On the opposing end of the spectrum, blue is as eye-catching as red. However, blue has a more calming and cool effect. Blue also signifies pride and credibility. Therefore, a lot of businesses use blue for their brand color and a signage. If that does not convince you to use blue on your signage, it is also a universally loved color. Using blue on your business sign can therefore achieve that universal appeal.


Green is a versatile color when used for making signs with digital sign company design Perth would offer. Aside from its versatility, it is warm and inviting just like blue is. If you do not want to use blue, you can use green as an alternative. Since it is warm and pleasant to look at, people will be pleased with this color and it would elicit a positive response from them. The use of green for health and environmental causes can also create that same type of aura about your business.

Black or White

These two colors are interchangeable since they are both universal in their appeal. At the same time, either black or white can be versatile enough to be paired with other colors. With that said, you need to find other colors that would be a great match for black or white. Using these colors alone will not create maximum impact for marketing with business signs. Depending on what color you pair it with, you can denote a relaxing and welcoming ambiance for your business, or one that has a lot of drama and excitement.

With this knowledge on the impact of colors when working with a Kingman Visual offers, you can improve your chances of success. Visit to discover how they can take your business signs and marketing effort to the next level.