The Best Paying Marketing Jobs to Pursue

The primary motivation for getting a job is to earn. When you have a degree for mastery in marketing, you need to exploit that and go for the best career options with highest pay potential. maestria en mercadotecnia

International Marketing Executive

This ranks the highest in terms of salary potential for those with mastery in marketing. Depending on where you are located, the salary is projected to be around $282,000. This is the cream of the crop for marketing professionals.

Top Marketing Executive

The salary projection for a marketing executive is at $244,000. If you are one, you will be tasked to handle the marketing strategies and policies of a company.

Market Research Executive

Still a high paying job with a salary of $193,000, your job is to analyze customer preferences and find your target market for your products/services.

Marketing Director

As a marketing director, you will handle all aspects of marketing from planning to implementation. The salary projection starts at $152,000.

Marketing Manager
This is considered a C-level marketing job with huge pay potential at $97,000! This is one of the highest positions that marketing graduates can take at an entry-level position.